We are amongst the few NARPM members in CT

Experience Property Group, Inc. was founded, in part, because of the lack of QUALITY Real Estate services in our great state. While there are many companies that provide Real Estate services, there are massive gaps in the industry, beginning with Professional Property Management.

It may blow your mind to know there are ONLY 18* members of NARPM in the entire state of Connecticut! While this gives us a MASSIVE COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE, it is disappointing to know that so many property management companies and property managers don't take the time to take professional education seriously, hold themselves to a higher level of ethics, and build relationships in the industry to benefit their service offering and clients.

What a NARPM member?

Professional Members of NARPM® are individuals who must be engaged in the management of residential properties as agents for others, licensed in those states that require licensing, or is an employee of a company, or property owner, who handles all aspects of the residential Property management. These individuals must comply with real estate license law for their state but do not have to hold a license. Professional Members have also completed current NARPM® Code of Ethics training.

You may ask if it really matters, and we believe the designation is a difference between a Professional Property Manager and just a property manager.

Ask yourself, do you want the person/company that manages one of your most valuable assets to be a someone who dedicates themselves to the profession, holds themselves accountable to the highest standard of ethics, and acts responsibly and legally to protect your assets. Or are you willing to settle with someone who isn't investing for the good of their clients and the assets they manage?

While the decision seems obvious, so many choose the latter and it shows when we take over these clients. Poor lease contracts, lack of inspections/documentation, tenants who are unhappy and property that is not maintained resulting in loss of equity and poor ROI.

If you want to see how a Profesional Property Management Company can help create value for you and your assets; contact us at PMI East Lyme and visit our Professional Property Management office's website at



*This statement is accurate at the time of writing this article, we hope it changes for the better. Source: